Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ukraine & Uganda

Two different places! you exclaim.
To me, they are trouble, troubled.
I hope I am wrong. I stand for
I receive Unreliable Information.

However, He was The Destroyer.
Idi. We knew from two countries away
he was the Devil Incarnate, and pitied
those who felt the heat, were roasted
on his fire-pit. Amin, not Amen.

He was and is not the only one.
I wish I could tell you of my fears.
That there really is a war between
Good and Evil and so far the dice rolls
as random as earthquake or bird flu
targeting unfortunate "collateral".

Today, "They" tell me Ukraine is beset
by dissent. I wish the curse of Opinion
and Righteousness would run its term
and we would be blessed with silence.

The silence of Love.
Of Peace. Freedom.
Of Kindness.
The Silence of Certainty.

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